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Email marketing is a great way to win more business from your existing audience. Having a constant dialogue open, to announce new offers and services, keeps the momentum of sales and interaction moving in the right direction. Customers can quickly become tired of relentless offers and discounts, so it’s important to offer more than just a good deal.

You can give customers more reasons to return to your business if you give them added value in the form of free information. For example, a gym owner might send their customers occasional free workouts or fitness advice – not only is it another excuse for your brand name to pop-up in their inbox, it also makes your customers feel more valued as part of your brand. To encourage more of your audience to sign up for emails in the first place, you could even choose to make some of what you offer exclusive to email subscribers, such as discounts, advice or insights. At Talk To Media we can provide campaigns that do all of this and more.